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The success of Sarasota Rising depends upon the support of our community. Without our friends and supporters, we would be unable to build the vibrant, dynamic, inclusive arts festival our region deserves. If you’re interested in being a part of the Sarasota Rising dream, please reach out to us at


It’s the steady accumulation of small acts that will truly make Sarasota Rising a success. In that spirit, we have lots of different ways for our community to fuel our mission:

Sponsor a newsletter

Sponsor an event

Create a legacy gift for your family, organization, or business

Donate for the future of our organization and festival




Friends of the Festival donors are the fuel of our creative engine. Their annual support of $1000+ empowers us to use our ingenuity as we design a sustainable organization and festival. The first 25 Founding Member donations also at $1000+ to Sarasota Rising will be matched up to $25k! Donate and be a part of the legacy of this revolutionary event!  ALL donations are welcome!  But for a donation of $1000.00 you will create a rippling impact at this stage in our growth!  

Thank you to our initial Founders whose generous donations allowed us to RISE!

Thank you to our Founding Members - Veronica Brady & Keith Mondo, Sandi & Joe Wall, Jonathan & Michelle Mitchell, Ariane Dart, Dr Mark & Irene Kaufmann, Jaime & Julie Didomenico, Margaret Ann Kin in Honor of Robert D Kin, Amy & Steve Weinberger,  Bob & Peggy Marcus, Dick & Deborah Miller, The Remax Team, The Media Roundtable, Walton & Deborah Beacham, Jeffery Kin & Marcos Oliveira,Bruce Ensinger, John & Kathrene Kin

Thank you to our ANGEL DONORS - The Downtown Improvement District, Jonathan & Michelle Mitchell

Thank you to our Soaring Donors - Jaime & Julie Didomenico

Thank you to our Flourishing Donors - Dr. Mark & Irene Kauffman, Anonymous

Thank you to our Escalating Donors - Falk Weinberger Trust/Amy & Steve Weinberger, Dr Jeff Hamblin & Mark-Alan

Thank you to our Ascending Donors - Walton & Deborah Beacham, In Memory of John Kin – Love Katherine, Michelle Bianchi, Sandi & Joe Wall

Thank you to our Lifting Donors - Ohio Ladies On Vacation, Donna Defant, Morgan Gerhart, Pam & Lynford Wiley, Anna Lee Ernst, Beth Duda & Bill Wagy, In Honor of Bob & Margaret Ann Kin

Thank you to our Scaling Donors - Mary & Ed Kramer, Suzanne Hudson-Smith, Jackie Rogers, John & Julia Osborne, James Stern

Thank you to our Friends of the Festival- Jeff Hamblin & Mark Alan, Amy & Steve Weinberger, David Band, Walton & Deborah Beacham, Bob & Peggy Marcus, Mary Lou Winnik

Thank you to our Emerging Donors - Linda Carson, Carolina Franco & Elias Verzini, Ken Bailey, Kathryn & Jerome Chesley, Sharon Ricketts, Julie McHugh, Val Hoover, Nellie Obrien, Stephen Kin & Jan Leiter,The Literacy Council of Sarasota, Ellen Kramer, Carrie McQueen, Sarah Wertheimer, Shelia Weiss, Samantha Grimm, Kathy Deakins, Dottie Garner, Scott George, Mary Anne Servian, Nancy O’Neil, Frank Mansella, Nicole Nicholson, Richard Foster, Joseph Grano, Sally Dickson, Michael Pasquini, Katherine & Frank Martucci, Vicki Rollo, Kimberly Bleach, Pat Armstrong, Tom Melville, Matt & Michelle McCord, Susan Heator-Kin, Eileen Parkinson, Kathy Fraley, Marcia Taub, Joe Platia, Shanti Kennedy, Willis-Smith Construction

Thank you to our Pre-Emerging Donors - Laura Courter, Shyrlene Baum, Helen Slemmons, Ty Maxey, Carrie Greenberg, Christine Carey, Jeffry Offenberger, Cintia Elenstar, Alison Cheney, Roberta Fernandez, Katie McCurry, Don & Lois Richter, Jan Wallace, Trish McConnell, Leymis Willmott, Teri Booth, Rennie Carter, Barb Bullock, Julie Planck, Sandra Moulin, Robert Turoff – In Memory of Roberta McDonald, Loretta Zullo, Robyn Faucy, Katie Flowers, Lisa Taylor, Kyle Turoff & Tres Cole, Ann Gundersheimer, Jennifer Weinstein

We appreciate the combined gift given in memory of:




EMERGING: $100-249, name listed on SRQ Rising Website.

LIFTING: $250-499, all of the above plus name listed in Special Events Programs.

SCALING: $500-999, all of the above plus special invitation and priority seating to annual Kick-off and Closing Event.

⭐️FRIEND OF THE FESTIVAL: $1000-2499, all of the above plus ANNUAL giving circle custom pin, “early bird” notification for ALL Festival and Special Events ticket purchases, live shout out at SRQ RISING produced Special Events.

ASCENDING: $2500-4999, all of the above plus business card-sized advertisement and/or encouragement note for Special Events Program.

ESCALATING: $5000-9,999, all of the above plus annual special ‘behind the scenes’ event invitation.

FLOURISHING: $10,000-24,999, all of the above plus priority table naming at both Kick-off and Closing events, annual Festival Magazine sponsorship highlight.

SOARING: $25,000-49,999, all of the above plus priority parking for SRQ RISING’s Kick-off, Closing and other Special Events.

ANGEL STATUS: $100,000, all of the above plus permanent acknowledgement as an angel to Sarasota Rising and The Living Arts Festival Hall of Angels.


Part of our mission is to stimulate the economy alongside the arts. That’s why we’re proud to have the following sponsors, whose support affirms our commitment to making our region a year-round destination.

Next-Mark, LLC

The Arts & Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County

Band, Gates & Dramis Attorneys

And a special thanks to:

The Downtown Improvement District

and its board members for funding Sarasota Rising's earliest efforts. Those board members include Eileen Hampshire, Ron Soto, Chris Voelker, Wayne Ruben, and Mark Kauffman.